Karen Davis for Norwich North

Please support Cllr Karen Davis as your Labour Party candidate for the Norwich North parliamentary constituency

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We all suffer when inequality soars and a system which produces increasing disadvantage and misery is left intact.

Our NHS is the national symbol of fairness and decency but now it’s being eviscerated by austerity and privatisation-by-stealth. We’re deliberately being forced into making impossible choices between caring for people with mental health problems or those needing cancer treatment.

We have frightening levels of intergenerational inequality at the same time as older people themselves struggle in retirement. The Tories’ failing and cruel Universal Credit experiment and cuts to housing support are ripping huge holes in the safety net of social security. We’re heading towards a sink or swim society in which thousands of Norwich people are drowning in disadvantage, debt and ill health.

Transforming our country starts with beating the Tories here.

Everyone who’s Labour wants to stop all of this and make things better. And there is no doubt that life was immeasurably better for millions under the last Labour government. But now our party stands for a kind of politics which can change the rules of the game. We are on the cusp of being able to transform our country for the long-term and to make those changes stick for a generation or more.

All of that starts with making sure we have inspiring local candidates who can build strong teams to win seats from Tories in places like Norwich North. And who then go onto become Labour MPs that stand up for our city in the context of a transformative socialist government.

Over the course of this selection campaign, I hope I can show you I am that candidate and I would be that MP.

A track record of success with Labour in Norwich


Karen joins the Labour Party and becomes part of the successful General Election campaign in Norwich South. Selected to be Town Close City Council candidate.


Elected to Norwich City Council taking Town Close from the Green's group leader. Karen was also selected for the Jo Cox Women in leadership programme.


Key organiser for the Norwich South election campaign, Elected to NCC cabinet, and elected Norwich CLP EC Women's Officer with nearly 70% of the votes.

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