2040 Norwich City Vision Conference

Karen Davis and Labour County Councillor Jess Barnard at the 2040 Norwich City Vision Confernce 2017

As a Norwich City Cabinet member last week I attended the “2040 Norwich City Vision Conference” – which aimed to forge a vision for what the city will be like in 2040.

In many ways, our city is fantastic and improving. We’ve got thriving creative industries and it’s a great place to bring up a family. And even though Norwich is already doing better economically than many other cities, we still have untapped economic potential.

But there are lots of downsides too. There’s been a surge in homelessness and too many of our young people are still being held back from achieving at school.

Scandalously, almost a third of our city’s children and over a fifth of our older people live in poverty. On both of these measures, we’re twice as badly off as the rest of the country as a whole.

The Tories are leaving tens of thousands of people behind in our city. If I become your Labour MP for Norwich North I’ll continue to do everything in my power to defend, promote and protect the city I’ve lived in for the last 20 years.

Top: Karen with Labour Party County Councillor, Jess Barnard, at the 2040 Norwich City Vision Conference
Below: 2040 Norwich City Vision Data shoing the worrying extent of Child Poverty the Tories are creating in Norwich

Info graphic for 2040 Norwich City Vision