Brexit Impact on Norwich North

Map showing the impact of hard and soft Brexit scenarios on Norwich North

This research concludes if we end up with hard Brexit, the economy of the north of our city will be one of the hardest hit in the UK. And Norwich as a whole is in a group of next hardest hit places.

Worryingly, the analysis predicts the local economy will shrink by a comparable amount to the aftermath of the massive financial crisis in 2008.

I’ve been encouraged by our party’s direction of travel on Brexit over the last few months. We are now firmly commited to doing whatever works best to protect jobs and maintain employment, environmental and consumer standards. I will always argue for the softest Brexit possible and favour giving the British people the final say on any deal we make with the EU.

You can read more on the local economic impacts of Brexit on the website of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research here:

Image: National Institute of Economic and Social Research